Hydrogen Data Book

Contains data on the heats of fusion and vaporization for water, heat capacities of air and water, and gas constants.
Data including density, flammability range, and autoignition energy for hydrogen. Hydrogen Properties Properties Value Units Auto ignition temperature [3,a] 585 °C   1085 °F Boiling point (1 atm) [b... more
    Property Units Hydrogen Methane Propane Methanol Ethanol Gasoline Chemical Formula   H2 CH4 C3H8 CH3OH C2H5OH CxHy (x = 4 - 12) Molecular Weight [a, b]   2.02 16.04 44.1 32.04 46.07 100 - 105... more
Contains a comparison of the amount of fuel necessary to provide the same energy unit based on the lower heating values.
Feedstock and utility price projectsion from the EIA.
A current list of commercial fuel cell products can be downloaded at this web site for the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association.
Identifies the location, organizations, and characteristics of currently operating large stationary fuel cells in the U.S.
provides information on company name, location, type of facility, year deployed, fuel cell manufacturer, and the number of forklifts.
Explains the reactions, electrolyte material, applications, and other information about the various types of fuel cells.
Provides information on the automaker, vehicle type, year shown, engine type, fuel cell type and/or size, fuel cell manufacturer, range and other characteristics of fuel cell vehicles.
Hydrogen Compressibility at different temperatures and pressures
Hydrogen Density at different temperatures and pressures
Hydrogen Enthalpy at different temperatures and pressures
Hydrogen Entropy at different temperatures and pressures
Entropy (English).xls (119.5 kB) , Entropy (SI).xls (120.5 kB)
Presents hydrogen fuel specifications currently prescribed by the State of California.
Hydrogen mass and volume conversion factors at common temperatures and pressures.  Data from NIST.
Contains information on the lengths of hydrogen pipeline in the U.S., Europe, and the rest of the world by location and ownership.
Contains energy inputs, energy outputs, and overall conversion efficiencies for various hydrogen production processes
Contains data on hydrogen production, in cubic meters, cubic feet, and tons for the past five years.
Hydrogen Specific Heat at different temperatures and pressures